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7 Reasons Why Hockey Should Be In Your Provo Bubble


Utah maintains a worldwide reputation as a top-destination for nearly every winter sport, but when it comes to hockey most local residents still seem to scratch their heads as to what makes it such a great sport.  Although Canada’s national pastime hasn’t quite yet become a pillar of Provo culture, there are the plenty of reasons why […]


2014-15 BYU Men’s Basketball Preview


Well, so much for that football season we were all so pumped for. Taysom Hill! He’s going to win the Heisman! Ouch. Too soon? With the rest of  his career in jeopardy, BYU’s football program looks to be in some serious trouble. Especially with the new college football playoff format. With the bleak outlook for […]


Spanish Fork Football Becomes Laughing Stock of Nation

Spanish Fork Football Maple Mountain

All Spanish Fork needed was to run out 3.7 seconds of the game clock to have an easy ticket to the high school playoffs. Unfortuantly for them that didn’t happen. However the real tragedy was that this embarassing moment for Spanish Fork football was caught on camera. For you non-sports fans, let me break it […]


ROOT Sports Playing Hardball With Google Fiber

Root Sports Utah Jazz Google Fiber

Several weeks ago I talked about the disappointing fact that Google Fiber does not carry ROOT Sports. This is a pretty big deal for sports fans as ROOT Sports is currently the only way to watch any Utah Jazz basketball. In the past Google’s only response has been that if they get enough complaints, then […]


ESPN Analysts Pick BYU, Then Take It Back


A clip on the YouTube is gaining traction among college hoops fans. During a segment on ESPN two sports analysts were looking at the numbers of three anonymous basketball teams in the NCAA and were asked which team would perform the best in the upcoming 2014 NCAA Tournament. Both analysts picked “Team C” without hesitation […]


MUST WATCH: BYU Basketball Lip-sync’s Chicago Song

BYU's Tyler Haws Singing

BYU basketball star Tyler Haws took pre-season marketing to a whole new level. Rather than your typical highlight video with a rock song to pump you up, BYU took a different approach. Tyler Haws, along with teammates Luke Worthington and Skyler Halford, took a unique approach by lip-syncing Chicago’s hit song, “You’re the Inspiration”. The video […]


Brandon Davies Waived From LA Clippers

Brandon Davies Waived From Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers just announced that they have waived Brandon Davies. Davies, the 22-year-old standout BYU player who was a fan favorite among many locals, played in five preseason games for the Clippers. In those games Davies averaged 3.4 points, 2.8 rebounds in 11.2 minutes of play. Davies went undrafted in the 2013 NBA […]