A source who wished to remain unnamed informed Provo Buzz that Google Fiber was already in select parts of Provo. Whether the speeds are permanent or temporary is unknown. To confirm that the individual was indeed receiving the 1 Gbps speeds offered by Google Fiber, a speed test was performed on the network. The source currently has Veracity Networks, which is the fiber optic network Google has purchased from Provo City. The following certificate was used to prove the speeds were indeed Google Fiber speeds.

Google Fiber in Provo

To further prove the certificate is real, if you click on the image it will link to an official SpeedTest.net page.

Google said it had hopes to have Google up and running before the end of the 2013 year and hopefully by the end of fall. Could Google be making faster progess and have the network ready for the public sooner? Leave your thoughts below!

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Mike Romero

Mike Romero

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