UPDATE - Since this story was first published, Google has removed the “quick answer” from it’s search results and has issued the following statement on July 22nd, 2014:

“Last night we removed an offensive quick answer about Mormonism. Quick answers sometimes appear on the top of search results, and are produced automatically based on a number of factors. We’re sorry for any offense this answer may have caused.”


Many online users are blowing up on social media as they are finding one of Google’s “instant” answers might not be the most accurate. Currently, if you search for the phrase “is mormonism a cult” on Google, you’ll get the following search result:Is Mormonism a cult?

Lately Google has been scraping information off other websites they feel can accurately and quickly answer a users question. For example, if I were to search for “why is the sky blue,” Google would instantly answer my question using, what they feel, is the most accurate result.


Of course, many Utahn’s aren’t happy with the result and are making that clear on social media. The answer conflicts with the personal beliefs of LDS members, and the site that Google used to scrape the result clearly has an agenda against the Mormon church.

How do you feel? Did Google do it’s job on finding the most accurate example, or was the system wrong?