BYU Bookstore Now Offering Same-Sex Marriage Cards?

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Just when you thought pigs would never actually fly or that hell would never actually freeze over, it might have just done so. An image, originally posted on the official BYU subreddit, allegedly shows same-sex marriage cards being sold inside the BYU Bookstore (now BYU Store). The picture is ironic since the Mormon owned school opposes same-sex marriage.

Is this BYU’s secret way of celebrating recent state rulings on same-sex marriage? Does a company like Hallmark require BYU to sell these cards in an “all or nothing” deal? Or is this picture not actually taken at BYU? What do you think?

UPDATE: The official BYU Store Twitter account responded to the photo with the following tweet:

Gabe Mcadams
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  • Christian Harrison

    So close.

    * le sigh *

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