Brigham Young University is well known as having one of the best broadcasting and video production programs in the country. Naturally, with so many aspiring filmmakers in the school you are bound to see a few hit the mainstream media. Some of them have been awesome and were well received, such as the Real Life Fruit Ninja. Then there are other videos that made it big that were just flat out embarrassing. I present to you the top three most embarrassing videos to ever come out of BYU.

3. Teach Me How to Jimmer

This video was the most tolerable of the three, only because it had some good footage of Jimmer and a few popular cameos. However, the remainder of the video was just shots of Provo All-Star’s and a bunch of white Mormon girls pretending they are hot stuff. Jimmermania was an awesome time for Provo, but videos like this made it tempting to second guess living here. No disrespect to Feel Good Music Coalition. They put out some great stuff and the song was extremely well done, but they could have done without the numerous shots of the All-Star’s.

2. Provo Girls

I was embarrassed to live in Provo just by reading the title. Some BYU students thought it would be hilarious to take all of the BYU stereotypes and roll them into one big Katy Perry parody music video. Rather than “California Girls” it was “Provo Girls.” I know this video is purposely making fun of Provo, and they got the stereotypes right on. The idea of the video was actually pretty good and had loads of potential as there is a TON to make fun of at BYU. Unfortunately, it just ended up being extremely awkward and embarrassing to watch. The only positive thing about this video is that Mallory Everton (the main girl) didn’t wear her ridiculous looking hipster glasses.

1. Jabari Parker Style

While some videos are purposely making fun of the BYU stereotypes, this video was actually a sincere attempt to break those barriers and recruit somebody to move to Provo. I’m convinced that this video played a major part in Jabari’s decision to select Duke. Yes, it was that bad. The video was so bad I first thought it was made by a few University of Utah students as a prank. Nope, it was real. The video features a man who looks like the type of person that throws temper tantrums at church basketball games trying to relive the glory days. Not only that, he looks way too old to go to college. With his pathetic attempt at trying to be black, they top off the video by only casting the ugliest girls possible in Provo who look absolutely miserable. This video did a fantastic job at making BYU look like one of the worst places to attend college. Any students who starred in this video should be expelled immediately.