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Local Musicians Team Up For Christmas CD

I recently saw that Provo City announced a Christmas CD that will feature some of the biggest local names in music. The $10.00 CD will be released December 8th but you can pre-order by visiting http:/... »

Utah Will Say Goodbye to the Gold’s Gym Brand Tonight

Tomorrow you’ll be able to do a #ThrowbackThursday with your selfie at a Utah Gold’s Gym location because at midnight tonight it will officially become VASA Fitness. VASA Fitness will replace al... »

Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks: Utah Family Unites to Educate

Former Utah Valley resident Leslee Henson recently ran a half marathon—her first in two years. This was not an unfamiliar accomplishment for Leslee, having completed 15 marathons and half marathons th... »

Food Trucks Join the Fight Against Hunger in Utah Valley

Provo residents like their food. They also like their music. Combine the two, a good cause, and the people will come – even in 30 degree weather. On November 13th, at Provo’s weekly food truck r... »

7 Reasons Why Hockey Should Be In Your Provo Bubble

Utah maintains a worldwide reputation as a top-destination for nearly every winter sport, but when it comes to hockey most local residents still seem to scratch their heads as to what makes it such a ... »

Locally Produced TV Show Highlights Provo Music and Culture

Inside of a seemingly average house in Provo, a team of local music big-wigs produce a new television series called Backstage Avenue. What seems like your typical Happy Valley neighborhood is home to ... »

2014-15 BYU Men’s Basketball Preview

Well, so much for that football season we were all so pumped for. Taysom Hill! He’s going to win the Heisman! Ouch. Too soon? With the rest of  his career in jeopardy, BYU’s football progr... »

Red Yeti Finds Commercial Success, Literally

Sitting in the living room of a Provo home, the band members of Red Yeti talk business and branding. Of course, Red Yeti as a band is concerned with their musicianship, but above all else they focus o... »

People of Provo: Part 1

Awkward eye contact. Lumps in your throat. Jokes with no reciprocating laughter.  Meeting new people can be as nerve wracking as playing operation on an airplane crossing a turbulence field. One wrong... »

10 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Dress up Their Children For Halloween

1. Because babies should NOT have facial hair. 2. Because it can give them false hope of success. 3. Because babies are friends, NOT food. 4. Because they can be freakishly realistic. 5.Because they n... »

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